Governor signs Rep. Shaw's legislation into law


Gov. Nathan Deal traveled to South Georgia to sign into law HB 207, introduced by Rep. Jason Shaw to establish a special two-day extension of turkey season for young and mobility impaired hunters. Rep. Shaw also added an amendment to the legislation that allows the use of a .17 caliber rifle or larger for hunting fox or bobcat, an improvement over current law, which authorizes a .22 magnum maximum.

The Governor signed all of Rep. Shaw's sponsored or co-sponsored House legislation that passed both the House and the Senate during the 2013 session, including the following:
~ HB 103, which authorizes the Commissioner of Insurance to approve non-traditional groups for group life insurance and repeal a requirement that 75 percent of an organization's members participate in order to qualify for group life coverage.
~ HB 198, which provides for the licensing of health insurance navigators under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
~ HB 202, which provides requirements for performing value engineering studies on Georgia highways, bridges and ferries.
~ HB 254, which allows motorists to provide electronic proof of insurance in lieu an insurance card.
~ HB 298, which creates the Agricultural Commodity Commission for Georgia Grown Products.
~ HB 304, which clarifies the applicability of the Freeport exemption to the fertilizer production process.
~ HB 312, a comprehensive revision of state law regulating insurance holding company systems
~ HB 389, which requires a sunset date for insurance conversion rights.

Additionally, Gov. Deal signed Rep. Shaw's proposal to create a special license plate for veterans, which was approved as an amendment to SB 121, and Rep. Shaw's language to help rural hospitals use remote pharmacy technology on the weekends, which was an amendment to SB 216. These provisions will allow remote order entry on prescriptions when the licensed pharmacist will be at the hospital pharmacy within 24 hours and for up to four hospitals that have an average daily census of less than 12 acute patients and are under the same ownership or management. This will greatly benefit all of the rural hospitals that are either owned or managed by South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosta.

The Governor also signed HB 106, which establishes the state budget for Fiscal Year 2014. Rep. Shaw and other members of the South Georgia legislative delegation were successful in obtaining all of the funds they sought to secure for Valdosta State University, ABAC, and the University of Georgia's Tifton campus that had been requested by the leaders of those institutions. Rep. Shaw also helped obtain a large appropriation for Wiregrass Technical College to expand its Douglas campus.

"Having completed my first session as chairman of the Legislative Rural Caucus," Rep. Shaw said, "I am proud that we were able to pass and have the Governor sign many legislative measures that will have a positive impact on agriculture, natural resources, education, healthcare and the economic future of Georgia's rural communities."

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